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Chiblow Lake Lodge is located 20 minutes north of Iron Bridge on Chiblow Lake Road. One hour and a half from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Ontario Canada.

Chiblow Lake is famous for its great fishing and hunting. Chiblow Lake is closed for fishing from October 1 to the third Saturday in April of the following year.

The Lake has Lake trout, walley, pike, big and small mouth bass, perch, red eyes, lush, and whitefish. Our cabins are usually booked on a regular basis, soif you would like to come and enjoy chiblows fine services, then call to book now. We have a 25% deposit request to reserve.

Chiblow Lake Lodge was established back in 1936 and was named Biltons Lodge. For the Last 10 years, Mississauga First Nation has owned and operated it.

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chiblowlakelodge@archive.mississaugi.com If you don't use Outlook mail, just copy address into your email address window


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